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I develop SEO strategies with a PR focus for the UK's biggest brands and retailers. The quantifiable success of my campaigns has generated my clients millions of pounds in additional revenue. I also run training sessions with both in-house teams (PR, content, social, paid) and several top London PR agencies. My training helps them integrate campaigns across channels to maximise the business impact and quantify the ROI.



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AVerage NPS Rating = 9.4

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Paul McEntee - Founder - MC&T Communications

Rik is a fabulous SEO wizard and he took our team through the ins-and-outs of SEO in a non-complex, engaging way. We'll work with him again and I'd recommend his services to anyone who needs a refresher or intro to the dark arts of SEO.


Stella Bayles - Director -

I worked with Rik on a number of training courses with content, social and PR teams, all training and setting SEO strategies. Not only did the sessions go well, all of the teams improved workflow, increased traffic and in some cases, revenue as a result. 

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Joanne King - Group head of marketing - BIMM

The training was incredibly useful for the team to get a broader view on how SEO works and how it can be used through our various channels. We were able to walk away with tangible ideas to action over the coming months. Excellent workshop delivered in an interesting and engaging way.


JADE WIMBLEDON - Copywriter - Man Bites dog

I found the SEO tools and broad application of SEO to PR the most valuable (why coverage is so valuable from an SEO perspective; embedding SEO in KPIs; using for pitches etc.). I'll now talk to clients more about the value of SEO and its connection to PR. Also, I'll now use keyword research to generate content and campaign ideas. Thanks very much!


Intro to search & SEO-PR

HALF Day Workshop

Background & opportunity

Online PR coverage is having a far greater effect than just raising awareness and changing opinion. Endorsement and recommendation from influencers is one of the major factors in how Google decides how to rank sites and where to send millions of people every day - which can equate to millions of pounds for brands. 

Many digital teams and agencies are reporting on the true impact online PR coverage is gaining – in many cases PR coverage they didn’t place. There is a huge opportunity for PR teams and agencies to start claiming all the additional results their work is having by adding SEO to their future PR strategies.

Greater measurement through SEO will not only protect and grow current PR retainers but it also has the potential for PR teams to differentiate in competitive new business pitches. With training, PR agencies also have the potential to go after new SEO ‘link building’ briefs and budgets.

What's Included:

  • Search ranking factors

  • The Google updates important to PR

  • Business opportunity - what is search worth to your clients?

  • Keyword research tools

  • Audience insights for content ideas and campaign planning

  • Content placement – for maximum SEO value

  • Case studies and real world examples

  • Adding weight to current PR reports

  • Measuring business impact to differentiate you from PR competitors

Max 15 attendees to allow for questions and to ensure consistent learning.

I also provide follow up consultancy to support implementation:

Training Packages

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Bespoke Consultancy

For PR agencies working on big brands, I offer bespoke support to explore how your current budgets can be retained with PR measurement using SEO. And help differentiate you from competitors in new business pitches with forecasting the financial impact your work will have for the brand.

I can also provide bespoke consultancy for a particular project you're working on.

My daily rate is currently £925. Email me to get started. Or, we can arrange a call to discuss SEO-PR strategy:

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