Helping Busy Creatives Work Smarter, Slow Down & Get Haps :)


Hey! I'm Rik. Long story short, I’m an independent SEO-PR consultant and founder. Previously a strategist at search marketing agency Propellernet, I now use my expertise to fund initiatives supporting mental health & creativity.

I used to work hard and fast. I used to think: "if I can just hit that target/get that pay rise/take that holiday/win that award, then I'll be happy"

After 7 years in a "successful" career making plenty of money for myself and my clients, I achieved all these external goals... and experienced burnout.

Now, I focus my time on helping people learn from my experience through training, slo-working and nutrition. I work smarter. I slow down. I'm happy :)

Check out the services and products below to see how I can help you.


SEO-PR Training

From Search Insights to PR Measurement. My training helps PR agencies and in-house teams integrate campaigns across channels to maximise the business impact and quantify the ROI of PR.

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A co-working/co-living place that gives you space to be creative, work at your own pace and create valuable connections with inspiring people.

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Nutrition is fundamental to mental health, but isn't prescribed because anti-depressants are so profitable for big pharma. So, I worked with experts to develop HAPS as a natural way to boost serotonin and support mental health.

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Red Stars

The Red Stars are time travelling sonic renegades here to save the future. RS07 aka HAPSMAN is a relentless optimist, insurgent pharmacist and disco dancing DJ.

Stay Free. Burn Bright.